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Tachyon: A Tachyon  (pronounced /ˈtaekiˌ on/; from the Greek i.e. swift, fast) is any hypothetical particle that travels faster than the speed of light!
It is constrained to the energy-momentum graph therefore, it cannot slow down to subluminal speeds.   As the particle ages it gets faster!!!

USATF: As a fully certified USA Track and Field Club we offer training in all divisions: Youths, High School, Collegiate, Open, Elite and Masters.
Our members compete in Track & Field, Cross Country, Long Distance Running and Road Racing events. 
                    Got Speed?

Sports Conditioning Strength Trainers/Coaches:
Who work with serious athletes must be more than good athletes themselves. They must have detailed knowledge of the athlete’s specific sport and their positions. They should also possess a knowledge base of exercise program development and fitness assessment. In addition, they should also have a general knowledge of exercise physiology, sports psychology, pharmacology, biomechanics sports training, sports nutrition and anatomy to assist the athlete in achieving their goals. Sports Conditioning Trainers must also know the science behind diet, supplements, psychology and training. Equally important, they should understand the art behind combining these elements in a way that works for the individual athlete.
Serious Athletes:
Are always searching for that competitive edge and Sports-Specific Speed and Strength Conditioning training will help. Depending on the Tachyon program you choose we will provide you with a customized individual training program tailored to your sport and position.
Tachyon TC:
Will conduct a systematic analysis of your skill level, individual needs and goals in relation to your sport and the position you play. Utilizing that data, we will design an individualzed program to maximize your performance with short and long term goals. We will also focus on the detailed breakdown of your skill level and the implementation of specific exercises that will improve your sports performance, and help to prevent injuries.
Our Mission:
Tachyon Training Center is committed to providing you the highest quality of personalized performance enhancement training available to help you achieve your goals.

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May 2011
9 of 14 HS members qualified at 2011 CIF Prelims

April 2011
12 of 14 HS members qualified for the 2011 Orange County Track & Field Championships!

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